More than just games, a unique sensorial adventure!

photo véronique debroise

Veronique Debroise
Chairwoman and CEO

When Véronique Debroise created Sentosphère in
1989, her objective was to have her “nose” talents
become useful for the general public. After a
post-graduate degree from the ISIPCA
(International Superior Institute of Perfume, Cosmetic
and Food Aromas), she acquired experience in France
and Brazil within two large groups of aromatic raw
material companies which convinced her of the need
to foster this olfactive culture to young and old alike.

The Loto des Odeurs, the French version of “Follow your Nose” was an enormous success as was “My Perfume Maker”, both pursuing this same idea of playing with our olfactory sense and which have now, along with numerous other games, become references in the game world.

Nevertheless, Véronique Debroise quickly noticed that the other senses : hearing, touch, smell and taste – were equally neglected in contemporary teaching.
Sentosphère’s new product ranges are filled with instructive fun, encouraging us to uproot more expressive sensorial behavior, pushing for more artistic development and inciting a more open-minded outlook on the world.

Aquarellum, Sandimage, Spa Lab, and numerous activity or scientific kits require using all 5 senses, tickling the artistic awareness of people of all ages.

In 25 years, Véronique Debroise has created over 28 product ranges with around 12 having received awards.

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