A company committed to sustainable development
and firm supporter of “Made in France”

Being a firm believer of using the work-force in her own country, Véronique Debroise has chosen to position all her production in France and to only call upon local French suppliers, as much as possible.
Therefore, in 2012, 81% of Sentosphère’s products were manufactured
using French raw materials.

photo factory
photo factory The group founder’s deep convictions in regards to environmental awareness are an integral part of the business policies made at SentoSphère. To keep transport emissions at a minimum, a large part of company purchases are made within a 400 kilometers radius from the manufacturing site near Paris.
Today eco-design, ardent respect of norms, and making the choice of quality are the ingredients for making innovative games which boast a recognized know-how exported across the borders all the way to the USA !

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