Creative Labs

Discover our creative laboratories that will allow you to create your own cosmetic products! All components and formulas have been tested according to Toy and Cosmetic regulations; it is therefore perfectly safe for our children's skin.

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  • Thanks to this creative and cosmetic laboratory, create 10 colourful and delicately scented bath bombs that will effervesce in your bath so that you can enjoy a relaxing moment.

  • This creative and cosmetic laboratory will help you make beautiful syndet sop bars thanks to the high-quality transparent glycerine base provided.

  • With the content of this creative and cosmetic laboratory, have fun playing with colours and opacities to create beautiful soaps, delicately fragranced.

  • This perfume workshop is a true cosmetic and creative laboratory to help children create their first perfumes and eaux de toilette. The perfumes obtained thanks to the provided essential oils and hydro soluble...